Discover the perfect balance of flavors in Cheddar with Leeks (Caws Cenarth). Crafted by Caws Cenarth, a respected cheese maker in Wales, this cheese combines the smoothness of cheddar with the gentle sweetness and subtle pungency of leeks. The cheddar is aged to perfection, resulting in a rich, nutty taste, while the leeks infuse the cheese with their unique aromatic qualities. Whether enjoyed on a cheese board, melted in a gratin, or melted into a creamy soup, Cheddar with Leeks (Caws Cenarth) is an exquisite addition to any culinary experience.

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Ingredients: Organic Cheddar with Leek (Cow's Milk).

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Weight : 200g

Gluten Free. Vegetarian.