Introducing Cheddar with Balsamic Onion from Caws Cenarth, a delectable cheese that combines the rich, creamy flavors of cheddar with the subtle sweetness of balsamic onions. This unique combination creates a savory and complex cheese that is perfect for cheese boards, sandwiches, or even melted over burgers. The creamy texture of the cheddar perfectly complements the tanginess of the balsamic onions, making each bite a flavorful delight. Experience the gourmet taste of Cheddar with Balsamic Onion (Caws Cenarth) and elevate your cheese game to a whole new level.

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Ingredients: Organic Cheddar with Balsamic Onion (Cow's Milk).For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Weight: 200g

Gluten Free. Vegetarian.