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Guest Product by ChilliMashCo Made from 17% Carolina Reaper (The world's hottest chilli), this hot sauce offers mind-blowing heat with endless flavour. A combination of mango, passion fruit, lime juice and garlic provides a balanced citrusy sweetness suited to vegetables, meat or fish. Use sparingly as a condiment - beware, this product is extremely spicy. Boasting a smooth, clean fruity flavour, our customers have used this product on everything from soups to sandwiches. The delayed kick gives the user a chance to experience the subtle floral flavours of the Carolina Reaper. One of our favourite reviews: "I was really surprised how tasty this was. I'm not a heat freak and have a medium tolerance. I bought this intending to add a small amount to large batches of food. As it goes, it's quite pleasant to add directly to a dish, yes, it is hot but not painfully so, and you can taste the tangy flavour. I'll be buying more as it's good to have to add instant heat and flavour to a dish." This sauce is one of our classic signature hot sauces, and with over 500 5* reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say it's a 'British Favourite'. Made only with our own high-quality fresh Carolina Reapers and delicious gourmet ingredients. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Made from ingredients that naturally do not contain gluten.

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Ingredients: Mango, Carolina Reaper (17%), Red Pepper, Pineapple, Cider Vinegar, Passion Fruit Puree, Sugar, Water, Lime Juice, Salt, Garlic.

150ml Bottle

Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Vegan.