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From our friends at "Chilli Of The Valley"..... Made with our own black garlic (garlic which has gone through a 14 day fermentation process resulting in a sweet and syrupy flavour with hints of balsamic and soy), dark brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and chipotles (smoke dried jalapeño chillies) This is a mild, yet rich, sauce with a definite umami flavour. It can be used as a condiment or ingredient. Mix with passata and spread it on the base of a pizza, add it to your pasta dishes, red meats, chicken, cheese and biscuits, add another dimension to your gravy poured over bangers and mash, or simply dip your chips into it

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Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Black Garlic (18%), Tomato Puree, Olive Oil, Onions, Water, Chipotle (2%), Smoked paprika, Salt, Spices.

100ml Bottle

Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Vegan